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Weekly Links: Aniston Enters Beauty Biz, Caffeine Suppositories, and Candy Gone Wrong

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All vanity all the time. That’s how we roll around these parts. In all seriousness, we acknowledge that beauty is petty but our lives our hectic so a few nuggets to distract you from your reality.

So it’s all roses for Jennifer Aniston – an ongoing Hollywood career, a huge rock and a new deal with the haircare brand Living Proof. Cambridge, Mass-based Living Proof was developed by an MIT professor alongside suits at Polaris Venture Partners. According the announcement, she will be “co-owner and spokseperson,” and will aid in marketing and product development. Translation: they say she has beauty and brains, and one assumes  she must’ve invested if she is now a co-owner.


Jon Flint, Jennifer Aniston, and Jill Beraud of Living Proof. (PRNewsFoto/Living Proof)

If you hadn’t already heard, there are changes at the New York Times magazine T. The Times has poached Deborah Needleman from WSJ magazine. Needleman is the new Editor in Chief at T. Previously she worked at glossies including the short lived home design shopping magazine Domino.

For some reason it seems newsworthy that Jelly Belly has added a Tabasco bean to the flavor roster. Keep dreaming kids. Clearly this proves the possibilities are endless.

Tablet plays host to this 2008 article about fasting on Yom Kippur and how the hardest part is not eating, but not excreting. Caffeine suppository. Those are two words I never expected to pair.


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